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The following articles provide information on a variety of subjects including recent photo shoots, current trends in web development, and technology in general. While this isn't exactly a blog, some articles are editorial or heavily weighted by personal opinion.

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Please Dont Ask Me To Open New Windows

2010.04.19 Monday by Robert Giordano

"My battle with clients who always want links to open new windows"

Plane Crashes into House, Fort Lauderdale FL

2009.04.17 by Robert Giordano

"A small plane leaving Executive Airport crashes into a home in North Andrews Gardens"

2009 Ultra Music Festival, Day 2

2009.04.10 Friday by Robert Giordano

"Ultra 11 featuring Infected Mushroom, Armin Van Buuren, The Prodigy, and Paul Van Dyk"

2009 Ultra Music Festival, Day 1

2009.04.08 Wednesday by Robert Giordano

"Ultra 11 featuring Perry Farrell, Black Eyed Peas, Tiesto, and Rabbit in the Moon"

Scaffold Rescue in Fort Lauderdale

2008.08.13 Wednesday by Robert Giordano

"Two workers dangle from safety lines at the White Egret"

Video quality on Youtube, Facebook and Myspace

2008.06.30 Monday by Robert Giordano

"Myspace and Facebook use higher quality settings than Youtube"

CompUSA Stickers on My Camera?

2007.09.09 Sunday by Robert Giordano

"My problem with the CompUSA sticker policy"

2007 Ultra Music Festival, Day 2

2007.04.04 Wednesday by Robert Giordano

"Second day featuring Christopher Lawrence, Rabbit in the Moon, Carl Cox"

2007 Ultra Music Festival, Day 1

2007.03.28 Wednesday by Robert Giordano

"Two day event featuring Junkie XL, The Cure, and Tiesto"

Playstation 3 Browser Specs

2006.12.05 Tuesday by Robert Giordano

"Another browser to challenge your web standards and CSS skills"

2006 Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show

2006.05.06 Saturday by Robert Giordano

"Photos from the 2006 Air Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida"

2006 Ultra Music Festival, Part 3

2006.03.30 Thursday by Robert Giordano

"Ultra "Carry On" after party at the American Airlines Arena"

2006 Ultra Music Festival, Part 2

2006.03.28 Tuesday by Robert Giordano

"As the sun went down, Ultra blew up!!"

2006 Ultra Music Festival, Part 1

2006.03.26 Sunday by Robert Giordano

"Photos taken during the day at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami"

A Word About Word Lists

2006.02.12 Sunday by Robert Giordano

"All you ever wanted to know about wordlists"

Hurricane Wilma Photos, Day 5

2005.10.28 Friday by Robert Giordano

"No power, no food, no gas..."

Hurricane Wilma Photos, Day 2

2005.10.25 Tuesday by Robert Giordano

"6 million people in South Florida have no electricity."

Hurricane Wilma Photos, Day 1

2005.10.24 Monday by Robert Giordano

"They said it would only be a Category 1..."

No Flash Intros, Please

2004.09.06 Monday by Robert Giordano

"Making people wait for your site to load is a bad idea."