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v2.16, 2005-02-24 by Robert Giordano


I wrote this utility WAY BACK in 2002, when everyone was still using Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape Navigator! ECMAScript 5 wasn't released until 2009 and didn't see full browser support until 2014. So, this code is ANCIENT, but it still works!! This page no longer requires registration or login, and is here mainly for nostalgia, LOL.

In 2023, I doubt many people need to convert legacy ASP/VBScript to PHP, but here's the original ASP Translator...

What is it?

The ASP translator is a free, online tool that will help you convert Microsoft's ASP to PHP. Simply paste some ASP code or ASP mixed with HTML in one box, click "translate" and PHP code, along with any HTML will appear in a second box. This utility will not convert everything, but it will save you hours of time by converting all of your variables, comments, if...then,, complex response.write output and more, to PHP syntax.

From 2004-2009, The ASP translator was the only "client-side option" listed on

Paste ASP code or an ASP/HTML page in this box:




When I built this utility, I was using PHP 4 and 5, so some of the generated code might not follow the recommended practices for PHP 8 or newer. But my original ASP / PHP Cross Reference is still available, as well as many other free utilities in our toolbox.

So... are you still using this thing? Did it help you in the past? Please leave comments below!


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07 Dec 2018 9:53am

"Wow, very nice"



29 Sep 2015 3:49pm

"Great tool. A must for php (asp coming) beginners. We are working in the php translation of and your fabulous tool is taking our time in a half. Thanks a million guys!!!"



21 May 2012 1:21am

"Soooo cool"


website delux

24 Feb 2011 7:09am

"We are PHP mostly on our team. Your tool gave us a head start and a great reference to follow where your tool lacked. Cut my time in half I would say. Thanks,"



11 Apr 2010 10:10pm

"thank you so much. great program."



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"your program is wonderful."



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"Semplicemente incredibile. BRAVI!"



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"wonderful program, so fast, thanks for your effort, please continue developing."



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"absolutly wonderful =O"


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26 Jun 2007 11:46pm

"your program is wonderful. :D"


News (Archived)

I've just updated the site to HTML5 and I believe I've fixed the problem with the registration emails. I haven't added any new features to the Translator but if I get enough requests, I might do it. Even though this thing is ten years old, it works pretty well as it is. Enjoy!

The ASP Translator is back!! Thanks to everyone for supporting our site. Some major upgrades are coming to in the coming months but first we wanted to restore all of the utilities that have become so popular over the years. Please contact us if you find any errors or if you have any suggestions for improvements or new features!

...some data missing...

The ASP Translator has become a part of the all new site! I will be updating the Translator in the next few weeks, after the transition to the new web site is complete.

The login script has been tweaked so you can refresh the translator page without being directed back to the login page. A few people mentioned it so I fixed it.

Today I finished the new login system. I finally got around to making a modular user management system in PHP and mySQL. It has a built-in email verification sytem, and it allows me to store comments next to the usernames of my friends. If someone is having trouble receiving the verification emails, I can log in and activate them manually. Oh yeah, and I'm converting the page layouts to CSS... yay.

The Translator has been upgraded to v2.16. It now supports #INCLUDE FILE, Response.redirect, Asc, Replace, and Split. Also, messages are dynamically added to the beginning of your script to help you debug. A typical message might be, "Script contains a redirect; check to see if the url has changed."