ASP / PHP Cross Reference

v1.0, 2008-02-01

This is by no means a complete list but it should help you convert ASP to PHP or the other way around. PHP has many more built in commands than ASP (VBScript), so several lines of code in ASP may convert so a single line in PHP. If you have a large application to move from ASP to PHP, the ASP Translator is a free web application that will save you hours of work. It converts comments, variables, if/then, loops, and many commands from ASP to PHP, all in your web browser.

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ASP (VBScript)

PHP (v4.3+)

General syntax

ASP Comments, inline
'my dog has fleas
PHP Comments, inline
//my dog has fleas
ASP Comments, block

not available?
PHP Comments, block
  The quick brown fox
  jumped over the lazy dogs.
ASP, Escaping quotes

"var text1=""<img src=\""blank.gif\"">"";"
PHP, Escaping quotes
\" or use ' like javascript

'var text1="<img src=\"blank.gif\">";';
ASP Command termination
None, but : can be used to separate commands
on the same line.
PHP Command termination
Each command must end with ; but
multiple commands per line are allowed.
ASP Screen output
response.write "hello"
PHP Screen output
echo "hello";
ASP Newline characters

response.write "hello" & vbCrLf
PHP Newline characters
"\n" (must be inside "", not '')

echo "hello \n";
ASP Variable Names
Not case sensitive,
so fName is the same as FNAME
PHP Variable Names
Case sensitive AND must begin with $
so $fName is NOT the same as $FNAME

String Functions

ASP String concatenation

fname=name1 & " " & name2
emsg=emsg & "error!"
PHP String concatenation
. and .=

$fname=$name1." ".$name2;
ASP, Change case
LCase(), UCase()

PHP, Change case
strtolower(), strtoupper()

ASP String length

PHP String length

ASP, Trim whitespace

PHP, Trim whitespace
trim() and also ltrim(), rtrim()

ASP String sections
Left(), Right(), Mid()

Left("abcdef",3)      result = "abc"
Right("abcdef",2)     result = "ef"
Mid("abcdef",3)       result = "cdef"
Mid("abcdef",2,4)     result = "bcde"
PHP String sections

substr("abcdef",0,3);     result = "abc"
substr("abcdef",-2);      result = "ef"
substr("abcdef",2);       result = "cdef"
substr("abcdef",1,4);     result = "bcde"
ASP String search forward, reverse
Instr(), InstrRev()

x=Instr("abcdef","de")        x=4 
x=InstrRev("alabama","a")     x=7
PHP String search forward, reverse
strpos(), strrpos()

$x=strpos("abcdef","de");      x=3
$x=strrpos("alabama","a");     x=6
ASP String replace
Replace(string exp,search,replace)

PHP String replace
str_replace(search,replace,string exp)

$temp=str_replace("orange","apple",$temp); $temp=str_replace("'","\\'",$temp);
ASP, split a string into an array

PHP, split a string into an array

ASP, convert ASCII to String
x=Chr(65) x="A"
PHP, convert ASCII to String
$x=chr(65); x="A"
ASP, convert String to ASCII
x=Asc("A") x=65
PHP, convert String to ASCII
$x=ord("A") x=65

Control Structures

ASP, if statements
if x=100 then
elseif x<200 then 
end if
PHP, if statements
if ($x==100) { 
else if ($x<200) { 
else { 
ASP, for loops
for x=0 to 100 step 2 
  if x>p then exit for
PHP, for loops
for ($x=0; $x<=100; $x+=2) { 
  if ($x>$p) {break;}
ASP, while loops
do while x<100 
  if x>p then exit do
PHP, while loops
while ($x<100) { 
  if ($x>$p) {break;}
ASP, branching
select case chartName
  case "TopSales"
    theTitle="Best Sellers"
  case "TopSingles"
    theTitle="Singles Chart"
  case "TopAlbums"
    theTitle="Album Chart"
  case else
    theTitle="Not Found"
end select
PHP, branching
switch ($chartName) {
  case "TopSales":
    $theTitle="Best Sellers"; $theClass="S";
  case "TopSingles":
    $theTitle="Singles Chart"; $theClass="S";
  case "TopAlbums":
    $theTitle="Album Chart"; $theClass="A";
    $theTitle="Not Found";
ASP functions
Function myFunction(x)
  myFunction = x*16  'Return value
End Function
PHP functions
function myFunction($x) {
  return $x*16;  //Return value

HTTP Environment

ASP, Server variables
PHP, Server variables
@$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];     @ = ignore errors
ASP Page redirects
PHP Page redirects
header("Location: wrong_link.htm");
ASP, GET and POST variables
PHP, GET and POST variables
@$_GET["chat"];       @ = ignore errors
ASP, prevent page caching
Response.AddHeader "pragma","no-cache"
PHP, prevent page caching
header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache");
header("Pragma: no-cache");
ASP, Limit script execution time, in seconds
PHP, Limit script execution time, in seconds
ASP, Timing script execution

...ASP script to be timed...

response.write duration &" seconds"
PHP, Timing script execution

...PHP script to be timed...
echo $duration." seconds";
//required function
function microtime_diff($a,$b) {
  list($a_dec,$a_sec)=explode(" ",$a);
  list($b_dec,$b_sec)=explode(" ",$b);
  return $b_sec-$a_sec+$b_dec-$a_dec;

File System Functions

ASP, create a file system object (second line is wrapped)
'Required for all file system functions
PHP, create a file system object
Not necessary in PHP
ASP, check if a file exists
PHP, check if a file exists
ASP, Read a text file
xSize=xPage.Size  'Get size of file in bytes

temp=xPage.Read(xSize)  'Read file
PHP, Read a text file
$temp=file_get_contents($pFile);  //Read file

Time and Date Functions

ASP, Server Time or Date
Now, Date, Time
PHP, Server Time or Date
ASP, Date format (default)
Now = 6/30/2012 6:14:53 AM
Date = 6/30/2012
Time = 6:14:53 AM

Various ASP functions extract date parts:

Month(Date) = 6
MonthName(Month(Date)) = June
Day(Date) = 30
WeekdayName(Weekday(Date)) = Saturday
WeekdayName(Weekday(Date),False) = Sat
PHP, Date format
There is no default format in PHP.
The date() function is formatted using codes:

date("n/j/Y g:i:s A") = 6/30/2012 6:14:53 AM

date("n") = 6
date("F") = June
date("j") = 30
date("l") = Saturday
date("D") = Sat

Numeric Functions

ASP, convert decimal to integer

PHP, convert decimal to integer

ASP, determine if a value is numeric

if IsNumeric(n) then ...
PHP, determine if a value is numeric

if (is_numeric($num)) {...}
ASP, modulus function
x mod y
PHP, modulus function
$x % $y






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$s_t = microtime(true);

...PHP script to be timed...

$duration = microtime(true) - $s_t;
echo sprintf("%0.3f seconds",$duration);"



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PHP has support for both sessions and includes. I'll add that information to the chart at some point, but it gets a little complex so its probably best to see the full documentation on"


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Thanks for the information. IMHO I don't think its good programming style to have multiple statements on one line. I've noticed a number of things in ASP/VB that I feel make for sloppy programming, such as not honoring the case of variable names. I believe code is art and so I try to write code that is beautiful. =)"



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ASP command termination

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Session("foo") = "bar" /
session_start(); $_SESSION['foo'] = 'bar';


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