ALT Codes Utility

v1.1, 2019-08-25, created 2013-07-18

Windows ALT Codes on Mac OS

Need to enter Windows ALT codes on a Mac? While you can easily type common symbols on a Mac using OPTION or SHIFT+OPTION, there is no simple way to enter ALT codes like you can on any Windows computer. With this utility, enter any ALT codes you want, then copy/paste the special characters into whatever program or application you're using.

If you're running Parallels Desktop on a Mac, you may not be able to enter ALT codes either. The ALT key doesn't work the same as it does on a regular PC. This utility lets you enter Windows ALT codes in any browser, whether you're in Mac OS or Parallels Desktop for Mac.


Simply enter the ALT code in the first field and the character will be added to the textbox. If you enter more ALT codes, each character will be added to the textbox. You can enter any number of codes, then copy/paste all of the characters at once.






14 Feb 2019 6:54am

"It tells me to "Please enter a 4 digit, numeric ALT code!". First: I don't like to be yelled at. Second: I want to enter ALT+174, which IS a numeric ALT code! Thanks.

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
I just fixed both issues. Thanks!"


ALT codes for Apple environment

01 Dec 2015 8:11am

"Love you too! ;-) PopChar can only help out so far with iconic fonts (almost unreadable in its screen, even with maximum font size, and your solution is so elegant. It helped me a lot, so another round of applause!"


You are super-cool!!!

09 Aug 2015 8:58am

"Kudos for taking matters into your own hands. <loud applause> I read the original thread where you posted and no one seemed to understand that some applications--as the ridiculously rigid one I am working in--are not perfectly logical and there is no other choice but to use alt codes. Again, YAY FOR YOU."


i love you!

12 Oct 2013 4:05pm

"this saved me from an hour long search!!!!! big ups!"