Social Media

Today, your marketing plan needs to include social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. Depending on who you are, you may need to be active on Tumblr, Pinterest, or Flickr. You might need a blog. Do you know which services you should join and how to use them? We can help.

Ultimately, social media is like any other method of advertising. You want your products or services in front of as many eyes as possible. While most of these services are free, there are nuances to using each one effectively. We can sit down with you and explain the different services, which ones will work best for your business, and how you can use each service to achieve your goals.

When we design a new web site, we always include social media as part of the budget. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great tools to get a new web site noticed and help it achieve a better rank in search engines. Social media connects your current customers to new ones and brings new visitors to your web site by word of mouth (or "tweet"). Since these sites are constantly changing, we are always studying them and the trends they produce. We do this work for you so you can concentrate on running your business.