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v1.5.1, 2023-09-30 by Robert Giordano

This utility checks your English text against a 210,781 word dictionary. The entire text is checked at once and all of the unknown words are highlighted in red. If you enable suggestions, correctly spelled words will be listed immediately after each unknown word.

You will also get a total word count, and the number of unique words in your text.

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Checked text will appear in this box. Words that are mispeled [misspelled] will have suggestions next to them if you have that option selected.




List of red words

19 Sep 2022 5:22am

"You said in 2018 that you would add a list feature for red words. Have you created it yet?

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Yes! I just added it!! Better late than never? LOL"



15 Apr 2022 4:56pm

"thank you, it's really useful for work emails that are longer than 200 characters"


First Comment Since 2009

11 Aug 2018 4:30pm

"This is the first comment since 2009.

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
You're off by a few years. Maybe upgrade from Internet Explorer 5?"



16 Jul 2018 2:14am

"This tool is amazing. Let me know when there is a option to get the list of red words.

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Currently there is not, but we could easily add that feature. We're currently upgrading the entire web site but I'll put that feature on my list. Thanks for the suggestion!"



30 Jun 2009 8:40am

"Lovely site; thanks for making it available. Found it through Gentry's site and will make it available for my middle school students. In trying out the site, I intentionally misspelled some words the way my students do. This site caught all but one that surprised me. I thought you might like to be aware that when I spelled "prase" or "frase" for "phrase," (very common for students) no "ph" words were given as options."



26 Jan 2006 4:00am

"You should never post private or sensitive information into someone else's web site. We're not going to do anything with your information but this is NOT a secure form! Anyone could intercept it. This utility is for spellchecking text that is going to be public anyway, like blog posts, etc."