HTML5 Document Object Utility

v2.1, 2015-12-12

Use this page to explore the "Document Object Model" (DOM) in different browsers. The DOCTYPE of this page is HTML5 and there are some slight differences in how the DOM behaves, especially in Internet Explorer. Begin by selecting one of the examples from the drop-down menu. The properties for that object will be displayed in alphabetical order. Extra links, form elements and other objects have been included on this page for testing.

Remember that object properties are case-sensitive!

Enter the object name:


Returned Value:

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  • The blue box near the top of the page is a DIV that has been placed using position:absolute and has also been clipped. It contains 4 links and one image.

Test Examples


"Clipped" Object Example:

ID = blueBox
top="35px" right="25px"

defined size = 90 x 40
content size = 100 x 96 (varies)
clipped size = 59 x 57

test link 1
test link 2
test link 3
test link 4
test link 5
test link 6