Web Development

There's an age old clash between graphic artists and programmers. An artist will design a beautiful site while a programmer has to make it functional. The two don't always get along, and the end result is not always the best it could be. Its the classic struggle between right-brain and left-brain thinking.

We Bring Art and Code Together

We understand that most visitors to your website are not going to be programmers. You want a site that looks good and is easy to use, yet has the advanced features that you need. Design215 provides that balance. If you haven't already, take a look at our web portfolio to see the simple, clean designs we've produced, then take a look at our toolbox where you'll find utilities that we developed from scratch.

Points of Interest

  • We are fluent in Javascript, PHP, and MySQL database programming. Design215 has written code for all types of projects, from personal sites to huge web portals.
  • Our sites are built using Standards Compliant HTML5, and CSS. This provides our graphic artists with greater creative freedom without having to worry about special coding for compatibility between Windows and Macintosh browsers, or mobile device browsers.
  • We build mobile friendly sites and we can make your web site compatible with mobile devices like cell phones and pda's. Wouldn't it be nice to send a link to someone's phone so they can see your product or web site?
  • We are experts at creating interfaces that the "average" person will understand and enjoy using.
  • In 2001, Design215 founder Robert Giordano created PULPchat, an HTML chat application that used PHP and MySQL for its "backend". It was one of the most widely used chat applications on the internet from 2002 to 2006, delivering hundreds of thousands of messages a day.
  • Our web-based Spellchecker application will check an entire 40k text document against a 99,000 word dictionary in less than a second, changing all of the misspelled words into red links. The application was written in Javascript and PHP.

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