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Nature Photography - Anole Lizard in a Garden, photo by Robert Giordano

Anole Lizard in a Garden

An anole lizard sits on the beak of a bird sculpture in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Anole lizards are frequently and incorrectly called American chameleons or geckos, although they are not closely related to either of those groups. In fact, they are more closely related to iguanas. These misconceptions are likely due to their ability to alter their skin color and run up walls.

It is notable that while nearly all anoles can change their color, the extent and variations of this ability differ widely throughout the individual anole species. For example, the green anole can change its color from a bright, leafy green to a dull brown color, while the Cuban brown can only change its shade of brown, along with the patterns on its back. Photo Copyright 2005 Robert Giordano.

Description from Wikipedia.


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