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Based in New York City, TX3 was formed to specifically address the needs of industry professionals in the architectural and interior design sectors. TX3 was conceived and developed by its founder and creative director Jon Kavajian. For over thirty five years Jon has honed his skills and surrounded himself with a team of associates, subcontractors and vendors whose combined efforts have, through the course of many hundreds of projects, wrought exemplary results.

This site was a large project. The client wanted to showcase a number of projects that his firm had completed and each project had multiple images and drawings. He also wanted the site to function with minimal or no scrolling.

As we were putting the site together, a problem surfaced. Many of the drawings and blueprints were too hard to read once they were resized to fit the site. We suggested opening larger versions in a popup window, but the client didn't like that idea. The solution he loved was our custom "magnifier" that follows the mouse when hovering over an image. This tool works equally well on iPhones and iPads by simply touching the part of the drawing you want to magnify. To see it for yourself, visit this page on the TX3 site.

Site Features:

  • 100% W3C standards based web site.
  • Client can change / add subcategories to submenus.
  • Slideshow works on iPhone and mobile devices.
  • Unlimited photo and video galleries with automatic thumbnails and client defined URLs
  • News feed and user comments.
  • Guestbook with moderated entries.
  • Custom "magnifier" for blueprints and drawings works on iPhones and mobile devices.
  • Client content can be added, updated, and moderated from any browser using Design215's Site Manager 2.0 modular content management system.
  • Visitor traffic statistics and reports
  • Contact form with spam filtering
  • visit TX3toTheTrade.com

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