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Digitizing World converts any type of media to digital files. They convert all professional videotape formats, consumer VHS tapes, high definition, standard definition, PAL and NTSC. They convert home movies from 8mm and 16mm reels. They convert audio tape, cassettes, 8-tracks, and vinyl records. They scan 35mm slides and negatives, as well as medium and large format film.

We looked at a few competing sites and we saw pages of complicated charts and confusing price lists. For Digitizing World, we came up with a "wizard" style solution, where a visitor simply chooses the type of media they have and the site guides them through the possible options for that type of media. We also made the site fully compatible with the iPhone and other smartphones.

Site Features:

  • 100% W3C standards based web site.
  • Web site adapts to iPhone and mobile devices automatically.
  • Client can manage products, pricing, formats, images, and options from any browser using Design215's Site Manager 2.0 modular content management system.
  • Visitor traffic statistics and reports
  • Contact form with spam filtering
  • visit DigitizingWorld.com

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