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Budget Video Rentals is one of the busiest production equipment rental companies on the east coast. With thousands of pieces of equipment under one roof, they are one of best stocked as well. Based in Miami, Florida, Budget Video rents high definition cameras, lenses, dollies, jibs, cranes, lighting, and grip to filmmakers and production companies all over the world.

This web site is one of our largest projects to date. We photographed hundreds of items, designed and built a custom shopping cart system that handles rentals, and added dozens of custom features to our content management system. The site's database contains thousands of items, and it can track the popularity of each item, and group items that go together. The custom shopping cart remembers returning customers, and can generate Excel spreadsheets of customer orders for the people at Budget Video. Because the names of the equipment are often cryptic, like "AG-AF100" and "AJ-HVX900", we had to build a custom search engine for the site that allows people to find what they're looking for.

Site Features:

  • 100% W3C standards based web site.
  • Client can change / add subcategories to menu bar.
  • Web site adapts to iPhone and mobile devices automatically.
  • Custom slideshow management options allow some images to be shown more often than others.
  • Unlimited photo and video galleries with automatic thumbnails and client defined URLs
  • Social media links and integration.
  • News feed and user comments.
  • Guestbook with moderated entries.
  • Custom shopping cart handles rentals as well as sales.
  • Utility to generate Excel spreadsheets of customer orders.
  • Utility to generate a rental equipment and product catalog in real time, usually 100+ pages.
  • Various customer registration and application forms.
  • Client content can be added, updated, and moderated from any browser using Design215's Site Manager 2.0 modular content management system.
  • Visitor traffic statistics and reports
  • Contact form with spam filtering
  • visit BudgetVideo.com

Web Design Portfolio - BudgetVideo.com


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