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PoeStories.com is a free, educational web site dedicated to the works of American author, Edgar Allan Poe. Robert Giordano first built this site in 2005. Since then, it has become a valuable resource to students and teachers all over the world. Currently, the site receives between 5,000 and 10,000 visitors per day and is the most popular Edgar Allan Poe site in the world.

In 2006, Design215 Inc. received official recognition for Poestories.com from the W3C, the international standards organization for World Wide Web. Out of all the web design firms in the world, few can claim this honor.

Teachers like the site because it contains almost 600 vocabulary words and definitions, embedded in the text of Poe's stories and poems. Students like the site because it helps them with their homework and makes reading literature more enjoyable.

Site Features:

  • 100% W3C standards based web site.
  • All stories and poems have vocabulary words with definitions that appear when the word is clicked.
  • Printer friendly pages list vocabulary words after the story or poem.
  • Biography and timeline of Poe's life.
  • Photo galleries with thumbnails.
  • Links to additional resources
  • Social media links on all content.
  • News feed and user comments.
  • Guestbook with thousands of entries.
  • Client content can be added, updated, and moderated from any browser using Design215's Site Manager 2.0 modular content management system.
  • Visitor traffic statistics and reports
  • Contact form with spam filtering
  • visit Poestories.com

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