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Product Photography - Design215 15" Macbook Pro, Side View, photo by Robert Giordano

Design215 15" Macbook Pro, Side View

DISCLAIMER: We did not shoot this photo for Apple. We've always loved Apple's product photography and Robert Giordano wanted to see if he could achieve the same elegance and style when photographing his new 15 inch Macbook Pro.

For this shot, Robert wanted to reproduce one of the minimalist side views of this sleek product that Apple used for advertising. Although it looks like a fairly simple photo, we learned it wasn't so easy. We needed 10 Photoshop layers, not counting the text. These layers contribute very small accents to the photo such as shadow gradients and highlights, but provide uncommon depth and detail.

This exercise confirmed our belief that Apple puts a lot of time and effort into their product photography. If you are selling a quality product, your product photography should tell the same story. Photo copyright 2013 Robert Giordano.


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