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Product Photography - Design215 15" Macbook Pro, photo by Robert Giordano

Design215 15" Macbook Pro

DISCLAIMER: We did not shoot this photo for Apple. We've always loved Apple's product photography and Robert Giordano wanted to see if he could achieve the same elegance and style when photographing his new 15 inch Macbook Pro.

We needed 8 additional Photoshop layers to reproduce the subtle details of a similar Apple product photo. One of these layers in the desktop background. Almost all computer screen images are simulated because of the difference between the studio light levels and the light output of an actual screen. Also, a computer screen has a refresh rate, meaning it is constantly being "redrawn" from top to bottom.

The desktop background photo was also taken by Robert Giordano for the 2012 Ultra Music Festival. Product photo copyright 2013 Robert Giordano. Inset photo copyright 2012 Robert Giordano.


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