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Syma X1 V4 frame and components

Here's the completed, version 3 frame with all of the main components mounted. The wood frame has been trimmed on each side to allow for the motor connectors on the Nano QX control board. The motor wires have been taped to the arms. The tape adds very little weight while allowing easier access to the wires for replacement when necessary. Not running the wires through the arms also allowed the length of each wire to be reduced by 30 percent, compared to a stock Syma X1.

The section of popsicle stick protects the fragile antenna wire on the Nano QX board. If you bend the antenna back and forth more than a few times, it will break off. Unlike the antenna on the Syma X1, the Nano QX uses a thin, solid enameled wire, which is much more difficult to solder back on.

Finally, you'll notice the much larger, 1.3GHz antenna hanging off the back. The antenna is positioned horizontally in this photo, which is wrong. It needs to be vertical.

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