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Multirotors - Syma X1 V4 Hybrid FPV Quadcopter, photo by Robert Giordano

Syma X1 V4 Hybrid FPV Quadcopter

Here's the completed Syma X1 V4 Hybrid Quadcopter. It has come quite a way from a stock Syma X1. In fact there isn't much of the original toy left. A 5v regulator was added in order to power the FPV transmitter with the flight battery. This eliminated the need for the second, 160mAh battery.

- DIY wood/carbon fiber frame
- CL-0720-12 motors from Micro Motor Warehouse
- Nano QX flight controller board
- 808 V3 camera with "B" lens
- DIY anti-vibration/anti-jello camera mount
- 1.3 GHz FPV transmitter powered by a 5v regulator
- 600mAh flight battery
- Flight time: 8-9 minutes
- Range: 500 feet, line of sight
- AUW = 90g



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