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Design215 is a photography studio and interactive agency. We photograph people, places, and things. We help you market your name, your products, and your brand.



 June 08, 2018

Drone Frame Calculator

Design215 founder, Robert Giordano, is launching "dCal", a drone frame calculator to help anyone who wants to build their own drone from scratch.

 February 04, 2016

UTF-8 Decoder

A new, simple tool to get multi-byte codes from UTF-8 characters

 May 05, 2014 Launch!!

Design215 launches an all new web site for Digitizing World

 March 28, 2014

Best of Ultra Music Festival

Robert Giordano creates a Best of Ultra photo album on

 September 18, 2013 Mobile Update

Design215 launches a mobile friendly version of Roscioli Yachting Center's web site

 September 10, 2013 Mobile Update

Design215 launches a mobile friendly version of Jenna Kellen's web site


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Located in South Florida, Design215 Inc. provides commercial photography and design services for models and actors, large and small companies, manufacturers, architects, restaurants, publishers, and advertising agencies. Whether your business is located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere else in the world, we can provide you with the images and design services you need.


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The Design215 Toolbox is a growing collection of helpful utilities, charts, and guides. These tools are divided into three sections, for photographers, designers, and programmers. Here are some of the most popular pages in our toolbox:

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West Marine

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Donzi Yachts by Roscioli

Budget Video Rentals

Exceed Wetsuits

Ultra Music Festival

Zona Fresca