Design215 V5 Rebuild

News > October 01, 2023

While our clients always receive the latest features, code, and security updates, our own website is usually the last to get updated. Its been a little while since we've gone through all of the code and updated to the latest HTML5 standards for usability on mobile devices.

Design215 Inc. has been in business since 2003 and this will be the fifth complete rebuild of our site. We call it "Design215 V5".

I always like to mention the old saying, The Cobbler's children have no shoes, but its true! For the past 2 years we've been focused on our Shopping Cart and security updates on all of our client sites.

Wait... you write all your code from scratch? Isn't that a pain?

Yes, we write all of our code from scratch. And yes, sometimes its a bit of a pain. But we usually end up ahead of the curve for a couple of years, while everyone else is struggling to catch up, or they're waiting for their third-party code libraries to be updated. We do NOT use Wordpress, Joomla, JQuery, or any other third-party libraries. We code everything in house.

We just completed most of the base updates for the entire site. We made some nice improvements to the Word Finder and the Spellchecker. In fact, we recently used the Spellchecker to find a couple of spelling mistakes on our own pages.

We just made a big improvement to our drop-down menus so they work properly when requesting the "desktop" version of our site on mobile devices. We may have the only drop-down menus that are "forgiving" if you momentarily move your mouse outside of the menu and then back in. We were constantly annoyed with the menus on other sites and even our own previous menus, so we rebuilt the code for a better user experience!

As always, we value feedback from our users, so if you see anything that needs fixing or updating, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!


Robert Giordano