Design215 Site Rebuild

News > August 25, 2018

Please pardon our dust while we rebuild the Design215 site! Its been a long time since we rebuilt our own web site but as the old saying goes, The Cobbler's children have no shoes, meaning our own web site is always the last to be updated, while we keep all of our clients' web sites updated with the latest technology.

Design215 Inc. has been in business since 2003 and this will be the fourth complete rebuild of our site. We call it "Design215 V4".

Why not just make the new site on a test server and then just switch it all at once when its done?

Good question and we use that approach quite often for our clients. Because the Design215 site is very complicated, and we can't do all of the updates at once, we decided to roll out the site in phases.

We just completed the switch to our latest HTML5 responsive code. Now we have to go through all of the regular pages as well as our popular tools and optimize them for the new, responsive layout and mobile devices. Different pages will require different levels of attention. Some are perfect already, while others will be completely rebuilt.

Wouldn't it be easier just to use Wordpress?

Yes and no. Wordpress is becoming increasingly "heavy" as the code libraries it uses become more and more bloated. We still recommend Wordpress for many of our smaller clients but we use a lot of custom pages on the Design215 site. It would end up being very complicated to have all of the same features with Wordpress. We also use our own content management system.

As always, we value feedback from our users, so if you see anything that needs fixing or updating, please let us know!!