Stock Photography

Stock photos are images that can be used for a number of different commercial applications. A photo of two men in business suits, shaking hands, is one example. Another example might be a picture of a woman at a desk, wearing a headset. The image of the two men can symbolize trust and partnership while the woman could represent customer service or sales.

There are many good stock agencies that provide images of people. At Design215, we fill a niche by providing more abstract elements like textures and surfaces that graphic designers can use to create illustrations, backgrounds, or montages.

Eye of the Beholder

Design215 stock photography comes from the eye of Robert Giordano, an artist known for his juxtaposition of industrial textures and organic forms. Because of this, Robert's stock photos have more value to a graphic artist who might need a macro image of water drops or a lizard on woven material.

Photo by Robert Giordano

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