Printing Services

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a high volume print shop. We only make custom prints, one at a time, to customer specifications. If you need a large number of prints, brochures, comp cards, or business cards, we will be happy to recommend someone for you.

We use Epson wide format printers to produce prints up to 24" x 48". Prints can be made on a number of materials including glossy poster paper, matte surface heavyweight paper, 100% rag watercolor paper, and art canvas. Many other custom materials are also available. Due to the nature of this printer, we do not make prints in large quantities. Artists benefit from this system however because there is no minimum order. Purchase a few prints at a time and buy more as those are sold.

If you need prints for your portfolio, we can make custom prints for you using archival quality inks and paper for about the same price you would pay at a copy center. We can also adjust color and contrast, remove dust spots, and touch up any flaws or imperfections.

Download our latest price list.

Comp Cards

If you need a quantity of comp cards or headshots, we work directly with a local printer to provide you with the highest quality, best prices, and fastest turnaround time in Broward County.

portfolio prints

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