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Milhous Collection Time Lapse

This time lapse film documents The Milhous Collection Auction by RM Auctions in Boca Raton, Florida. Design215 photographer, Robert Giordano, set up Nikon DSLR cameras to capture the setup of the auction tent and the auction itself. Filming started on February 10, 2012 and finished on February 25, 2012. Camera positions were changed several times. Design215 used their own, custom made mounting brackets, modified external timers, tripods, sandbags, rain covers, and various Nikon lenses.

The Milhous Collection was an unprecedented assortment of antique cars, furniture, clocks, firearms, and even a full size carousel, all housed in a private, 39,000 square foot museum, in Boca Raton. The auction itself took place on February 24 and 25 and resulted in almost $40 million in sales. Items included a 1912 Oldsmobile that sold for $3.3 million, a full size carousel for $1.3 million, a 1941 PT-22 airplance for $241,500, and a vintage barber chair for $28,875.

RM Auctions has grown to emerge as the industry leading collector car auction house. They are driven by a love of vintage automobiles, coupled with a desire to preserve the history of automotive design and technology. In support of this mission, they create exciting, memorable auction experiences that feature the best in classic cars and attract enthusiasts from across the globe.

Design215 creates time lapse films for any type of event, advertising, or construction project. Each project is managed from start to finish, ensuring best selection of camera angle, lens, exposure, and timer interval during each phase of the project.

Time Lapse Statistics
Project Length: 16 days
Cameras: Nikon DSLR
Total Images: 30,000+

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