Robert Giordano created PULPchat in 2002 and for a while it was one of the most popular chat applications for web sites. It used pure HTML and did not require Flash, Java, ActiveX, or any other plugins. It was light on server resources, worked in all browsers, and even worked on early WAP browsers (before mobile phones had HTML browsers).

PULPchat was a full featured chat room, with emoticons, text shortcuts, spam and flood filtering, private messages, private rooms, moderators, and user registration. It had a private mode for registered users only, a fully open public mode, and a mixed user mode. Finally, PULPchat featured custom "skins" that could match each web site that used it.

PULPchat was offered to web sites as a subscription service, hosted on Design215 dedicated servers. PULPchat could easily handle 100-150 simultaneous users per room. At one point, PULPchat was being used by hundreds of different web sites, all over the globe.

With the rise in popularity of MySpace, and then Facebook, PULPchat usage declined and we decided to discontinue the service.

Now, as more and more people are using chat apps on phones and tablets, we may bring PULPchat back in the form of an HTML5 app.

Stay Tuned!