Linkatopia is a web site that allows members to keep all of their bookmarks and favorite links online and accessible from any browser or device. It was created and developed from scratch by Robert Giordano in 2005 and 2006. Free membership, a simple interface, and a handful of useful options made it a very popular site. At its peak, Linkatopia had almost 30,000 members but it suffered several attacks from spam bots and is now limited to membership by request.

  • Consolidate all of your bookmarks from multiple computers, browsers, and operating systems.
  • Organize your links to web sites, music, videos, online games and more. Spend less time finding information you already looked up before.
  • Share your favorite web sites with your friends, co-workers, or the world. Why email links to people when they can visit your Linkatopia page?
  • Personalize your favorites with notes, ratings, and more. When you share a computer with others, keep your info from everyone else's.

Privacy Options

The privacy features of Linkatopia are designed with the user in mind. Sharing all of your links with the world is great but some links you may want to keep to yourself. Each one of your links can be saved with one of several options...

  • Public links are the ones you share with the world. Promote your web site, your mom's web site, whatever.
  • Shared links are only visible to the people you have placed in your list of friends. Share business information between you and your team members or keep personal information just between you and your friends.
  • Private links are only visible to you after you're logged in. Sometimes you don't want other people knowing what sites you visit.


Overview of Linkatopia features:


  • Link titles are suggested automatically.
  • Enter notes containing simple HTML.
  • Rate each of your links with 1 to 5 stars.
  • Sort links by date added, title, or rating.
  • Easily copy public links from other members.
  • Link privacy: public, shared, or private.
  • Import favorites from your browser.


  • Assign one or more tags to each link.
  • Use letters, numbers, spaces, and -._
  • Enter a description up to 60 characters.
  • View tags in columns or as a block.
  • Easily rename any tag at any time.
  • Tag privacy: public, shared, or private.


  • Add a short bio to your page.
  • Easily add or delete friends.
  • Enter a description for each friend.