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The Design215 Word Pattern Finder is our second word finder utility. It uses wildcards, include, exclude, and patterns to find similar words. This utility can help with crossword puzzles, hangman, substitution ciphers, and other word games. To unscramble words or find anagrams, try our original word finder.

Known Letters Contains Does NOT Contain Pattern
dash = placeholder
any order
English word lists:
178,600+ words
Words < 16 letters
No proper names
Some slang words
10000+ new words!
99,300+ words
All word lengths
Common names
Common abbreviations

*Each word list has its advantages. Learn more >


Directions and Tips

  • Enter Known Letters like: f--k
    This will find four letter words that start with "f" and end with "k", like "fork" and "funk".
  • The "Contains" box works two ways. Enter "cat" with the checkbox unchecked, and you'll find words like "catch", "locate", and "tomcat". If "any order" is checked, you'll find words containing the letters "c", "a", and "t", in any order, like "cadet", "exact", and "teach".
  • Use "Does NOT Contain" to exclude any letters that you do not want shown in the results, letters that have already been used (like in Hangman), or letters that are not available.
  • Enter patterns like: ABCCDE
    This will find words like "bloody", "kitten", and "valley". The above pattern will NOT find words like "fennel" or "hippie" because that would require the pattern to be ABCCBE.

We Want Your Suggestions!

If you find a bug, or have any suggestions to make our utility better, please leave a comment below or contact us directly. We want to constantly improve our site by listening to your feedback! =)

  • Version 1.3, 12.31.2012
    PATTERN searches and KNOWN LETTERS now work together. Optimized code finds words 20-30% faster. Page description updated.

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23 Nov 2013 8:55am

"Hello, great ressource. I find it very useful. However, when using patterns, a regexp option would be helpful. Say I have a pattern and suspect some letters to be within a small range. This can be done with KNOWN LETTERS, but every combo must be tested separately. Say I have pattern abccde and suspect the 1st letter to be among T, O and S and the last among E, N, R. This means 9 runs when a regexp option would require only one !"



01 Nov 2012 6:19am

"Great site - use it nearly every day - seasonal word missing - HALLOWEEN - was not listed when provided the pattern RQFFBEOOM. Thought you would want to know...

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Thanks for your comment. This is one of the Scrabble word list's caveats. "Halloween", for whatever reason, is not listed as an official Scrabble Tournament word. "Halloween" IS LISTED in the "Standard" word list. I'm working on an unabridged word list that will combine the two. Some people want to know if a word is a "legal" word under Scrabble rules. Others don't care, hence the two word lists."


Known Letters ??

26 Sep 2012 8:01am

"I am SOOOOO Glad you are back - love your site. Since you have returned I am unable to get the "KNOWN LETTERS" field to work. I usually fill in the PATTERN first and run that and then see the narrowed field after entering the "KNOWN LETTERS" - doing this, the result is not changed - the KNOWN LETTERS are cleared and typing them in again and trying gives the same result. Hope this helps you find the bug - or maybe it just me - I am using Googles Chrome browser, but have seen it on IE also.

[UPDATED 31 DEC 2012]
PATTERN searches and KNOWN LETTERS now work together!! Thanks for your feedback! It helps us constantly improve our utilities.

[Original Reply from Robert Giordano, Edited]
Thanks for the compliments and we are glad to be back as well!! The Word Pattern Finder was rebuilt from scratch and it might work a bit differently.

In most cases, people use KNOWN LETTERS with Include and/or Exclude to find the words they want. I designed PATTERN searches for special cases, like solving cryptograms, finding words that start and end with the same letters, and so on. That being said, please let me know if you have any more trouble. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome. =)"


love site but missing word

23 Sep 2012 7:46am

"I'm so glad one of my favorite sites is back! But it failed to help me find the word "buttoning" when given B---O-I-G

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Thanks for pointing this out. It was definitely a bug and we just fixed it. We had to rebuild many of our utilities because of a data center issue where we lost our main web server and our backup server. I just tried your known letters B---O-I-G and got:

buttoning <-- including this one!

Thanks again for pointing out the problem! If you see any more bugs please tell us.





07 Aug 2012 1:04pm

"superb site.."


Word Patterns

09 Apr 2012 3:16am

"Many thanks for this excellent tool; fast to use and full of useful word suggestions. I particularly appreciate your Directions and Tips for entering known letters."



20 Feb 2012 10:56am

"This is the best Website on the Internet!"



01 Dec 2011 2:25am

"I love your program! I'm using it to generate word lists for my students."



23 Jun 2011 11:32am

"Only thing to make this perfect. If you do a search, but then add a letter to exclude, you can't search again until you delete a known letter, search, then put the known letter back."



11 Jun 2011 8:38pm

"SUPER DUPER tool, very useful, ill help you by clicking ads."



12 Sep 2010 12:02pm

"love it. just what i was looking for"


Really useful for word games

07 Sep 2010 11:48pm

"if you are playing a word game then nothing in this world can help much more than this tool, thanks coder."


i lik3 diz

13 Dec 2009 10:02am

"daum diz crap helpz me find my wordz faster"


Thanks for the great tool

26 Jun 2009 1:27pm

"This is a great tool for word games. My favorite resource!"


gregg gusta

12 Apr 2009 4:18pm

"lovin' it"



22 Jan 2009 1:13pm

"awesome - really helpful"



11 Dec 2008 9:47am

"man this thang is whack"



22 Sep 2008 8:05pm

"great tool, used often!!! thank you"



10 Jul 2008 5:04am

"This is pretty awesome. Thank you! :)"


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