Web Design Philosophy

Our mantra is "Clean and Simple is Best". If the purpose of a web site is to sell products or services, provide information, or even to entertain, then...

A good site:

  • is pleasing to the eye.
  • conveys your message clearly.
  • is easy to navigate and browse.
  • loads quickly at all connection speeds.
  • is compatible with most browsers.
  • is accessible from mobile devices.
  • provides answers to common questions.
  • encourages visitors to return again.
  • is easy to maintain and update.

We take a very minimalistic approach to site design. Don't worry about your site being too "plain" or "boring". An art gallery's walls are plain- the art placed on the walls is what matters. view our portfolio >

If you want an all Flash site...

If you aren't sure what that means, "Flash" is sophisticated software that graphic artists use to create animations and video. Some companies create entire web sites using Flash instead of HTML. The results can be stunning, but there are some serious trade-offs. Don't take this the wrong way. We love Adobe's Flash and the things it can do. We have used Flash within sites and we have done PHP and MySQL back-end programming for Flash sites. We simply don't believe an entire web site should be built in Flash so we don't do it. We evaluate the features in each new version of Flash and our opinion might change one day. Right now, the best solution is to use Flash within a standards compliant HTML or XHTML site.

Disadvantages of a Flash site:

  • as of 2012, no one with an iPhone or iPad will see your site.
  • full content of site is not indexed by search engines.
  • cannot bookmark specific pages to return later or send to friends.
  • cannot copy/paste information like phone numbers and addresses.
  • more difficult to update and maintain without added expense.
  • site is not accessible to many devices, mobile phones, pdas, etc.
  • more expensive to integrate with ASP or PHP and SQL databases.
  • extra work to make content printable by the end user.
  • long preload times for people using dialup or mobile devices.
  • not accessible to those with handicaps.

A Flash Web Site Could be Right For You...

If you don't need to be found in search engines and everyone in your target audience has a fast internet connection on a desktop computer, a Flash site may be right for you. If production value takes precedence over budget, a Flash site may be right for you.

When the adobe.com site is all Flash, we'll think about doing it too. =)