More Materials and Components

dCal Blog 2018 Jun 29

Tonight I just finished adding more materials and components to the database. Each database entry includes a product photo, the unit weight, a link to where you can buy the material (some links will be updated or added later), and any relevant notes.

New materials and components added today:
- M3 x 6mm aluminum bolts
- M3 x 8mm aluminum bolts
- M3 x 10mm aluminum bolts
- M3 x 20mm aluminum bolts
- M3 x 4mm steel socket head bolts
- M3 x 10mm steel socket head bolts
- M5 x 16mm nylon hex bolts
- M5 x 0.8mm thread nylon hex nuts
- M5 x 0.8mm thread nylon wing nuts
- XT60 connector, female
- XT60 connector, male
- XT60U connector, female
- XT60U connector, male
- XT90 connector, female
- XT90 connector, male
- T-Motor prop adapter
- T-Motor cf prop cover plate
- Pixhawk v1 flight controller
- 3DR Telemetry radio
- generic TX antenna
- GoPro HERO 3 camera

Check out this updated example comparing steel, nylon, and aluminum bolts!