Tools Menu for Parts

dCal Blog 2018 Jun 23

There's already a button to make a copy of an entire project, with all of its parts. Today I added a "Tools" menu to the parts list so you can easily make copies of individual parts. Look for the little wrench icon in the bottom right corner of each part:

dCal tools menu for parts

For me, this app is not only about building better drone frames; its also about mobile web design and user interface. I debated adding a "COPY" button to the edit dialog box of each part but I decided not to because it adds an extra step for the end user. First, you would have to click on the part and wait for the edit dialog to open, then you would click the copy button and confirm that you want to copy the part.

By adding the little wrench icon to each part in the list, I feel its easier to manage your parts list. You will immediately see the new part in the list and you can click on it, or you can make another copy if you need several copies of the same part.

I also chose this method because I can easily add more options to the "Tools" menu in the future. Beta testers, please email me with your thoughts on all of this.