More Materials and Testing

dCal Blog 2018 Jun 19

I didn't write any code today. Everything seems to be working well so far. I received some carbon fiber and assorted bolts in the mail the other day so I photographed them, weighed them, and added them to the database.

New materials added tonight:
- 1.5mm carbon fiber plate
- 2.0mm carbon fiber plate
- 3.0mm carbon fiber plate
- M3 x 8mm nylon bolts
- M3 x 10mm nylon bolts
- M3 x 12mm nylon bolts
- M3 x 16mm nylon bolts
- M3 nylon hex nuts

I also made an example project in dCal for the beta testers to see how one of dCal's features works. I've always learned best by seeing examples so I'll be creating a number of examples for everyone.

3.0mm carbon fiber plate
3.0mm Carbon Fiber plate

m3 x 10mm nylon bolt
M3 x 10mm Nylon bolt