Limited Beta Testing Begins!

dCal Blog 2018 Jun 19

I'll be inviting a few of my drone builder friends to start testing the current beta version of dCal. If they don't find too many bugs, the public beta should launch next week.

Monday morning I thought it was ready. I had some client work to finish and I thought I'd send the email to my friends, inviting them to start testing. I played with it for a few minutes and... NOPE, not ready.

How could such a simple utility be so complicated? Nine hours later, its 4am Tuesday and I've made changes to more than 16 pages! I fixed a couple of bugs, I moved some things around, I made titles bigger or smaller, and I added another field to the user project settings. Then, I tried it on my phone and had to make more changes. Its close though! After I get some sleep, It will still be Tuesday and I'll invite my friends to start testing!!