Building a Drone?

Are you building a drone from scratch?
Need help finding and selecting materials?
Want to make your drone lighter so it will fly longer?

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Drone Frame Calculator

  • Save time and money while reducing waste. Compare the weights of different materials before you buy or cut them.
  • Select material specs from our growing database of carbon fiber and composites, or create your own virtual materials.
  • Find out what a complex shaped object would weigh if it was cut from different materials.
  • Compare strength vs weight of carbon fiber, wood, plastics, metals, and other composites.
  • Create a project with many parts and see the total weight as you build.
  • Add the weight of common components like batteries, motors mounts, cameras, flight controllers, and accessories to calculate available payload.
  • Test new designs in the calculator before you build them, to see if they are lighter and stronger.
  • Save your projects online to compare with others in the community.
  • Contribute new material specs to the calculator database.

Launching Summer 2018

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